Absolute Plastics, LLC.

Absolute Plastics is dedicated to cost effective innovation.

Absolute Plastics sells a full line of 40% natural PP takeout and food containers for Restaurants and Food processors.  This line of microwave safe products uses 40% less petroleum based products. It was the first to develop 70% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Microwavable packaging and provides low cost foam replacement containers, 70% PCR clear bakery packaging, and 50% PCR CPET packaging.


Penny Plate, LLC.

Penny Plate, LLC. emerged as a leader in the aluminum packaging industry when it debuted the rolled rim pie pan technology in 1948.  Since then Penny Plate has been dedicated to environmentally friendly business practices.

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and Penny Plate is dedicated to the use of post-consumer recycled content in the production of our aluminum pans. Producing recycled aluminum is 92% more energy efficient than making new aluminum. Our pans are made in the United States from 60% recycled content.

rePlanet, LLC.

rePlanet is the largest beverage container collection network in the United States.

It consists of over 700 recycling centers and 1,400 employees.  rePlanet collects over 60 million lbs of aluminum, 90 million lbs of PET bottles, and 120 million lbs of glass annually using its staffed collection centers and reverse vending technology.